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Neon J´s

Neon J´s

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Brighten Up Your Room

Trying to give your space some style? try these neon J´s – the ultimate room upgrade for anyone who wants to stand out!

It includes:

  • Vibrant Glow: This neon light shines bright and colorful, perfect for adding that chill factor to your room.
  • Easy Setup: Plug it in with the included EU, US, or AU adapter and dimmer for instant vibes.
  • Flexible Display: Place it on your desk, shelf, or hang it on your wall – wherever you want it really.

Perfect for:

  • Epic Gifts: Got a birthday coming up? This light makes an easy present that'll light up any face.
  • Your Room: Personalize your space and make it you. It ain´t just a light – it’s a statement!
  • Your Shoe Store: If you run a sneaker shop, this neon light is a game-changer. It’ll make your store look fresh and attract some attention.

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